Professional hardware for your event

We're not only delivering first-class software, we're also happy to provide you with the hardware that you need to make perfect use of pretix on site, either by selling or renting you the required components. We're regualrly testing our apps with the hardware listed here in order to ensure perfect compatibility.

The global logistics and manufacturing issues for chips and other electronical parts influence the availability of our recommended hardware as well. We see almost daily changes to the availability of certain models. Please talk to our team about your requirements. So far we have found a solution for every customer, even if it sometimes means that we'll need to switch to a different model or manufacturer than listed on this page.

Badge printing

Rent hardware from us

You can rent high-quality products from our hardware pool. Depending on availability, different models will be used. All devices are in very good condition and will be tested by us before every delivery. On request, we'll deliver the hardware as a pre-configured system.

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2 event days
Label printer (LAN or Wi-Fi connection)
Ticket printer (LAN connection)
Router for LTE connection incl. 1 GB data (Germany only)

Thermal printer

To print name badges in real time, we recommend to options that have proven reliable in our experience. In the budget version you use a label printer to print on white labels. You can then stick these on prepared badges produced by any print shop on thick paper. This makes badge printing really affordable even for low volumes. In the premium version we use a thermal ticket printer to directly print to a thermal cardboard that can be pre-personalized by a specialized print shop.

In addition to the printers, you will also need compatible ticket scanner.

Budget Metapace L-42D

Direct thermal printing, 8 pt/mm (203dpi), Media width (max): 110mm, Print width (max): 108mm, Speed (max): 178mm/s, USB, Ethernet, incl. power unit, cables.

Usually ships within a day.

Surcharge for Wi-Fi + € 40.00
Printer with cutter € 300.00
Printer with peeler € 270.00

Premium Boca Lemur-X

Direct thermal printer with cutter, adjustable width 50-82mm, resolution 200 dpi, USB, Ethernet, incl. power unit

Base model usually ships within a day.

Additional Wi-Fi module + € 300.00
Base model € 895.00


Product Package size Price
Labels white, different sizes (70x36mm, 83x50mm, 75x52mm, …) 1 roll approx. € 15.00
Badge paper for ticket printers white, folding perforation + hole, 203x82mm 1000 pages € 100.00
Badge paper for ticket printers custom design, custom size 1000 pages on request


All prices sind are non-binding offers in addition to VAT (if applicable) and shipping cost.
We only rent and sell to business customers. Rentals subject to availability.





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