Professional hardware for your event

We're not only delivering first-class software, we're also happy to provide you with the hardware that you need to make perfect use of pretix on site, either by selling or renting you the required components. We're regualrly testing our apps with the hardware listed here in order to ensure perfect compatibility.

The global logistics and manufacturing issues for chips and other electronical parts influence the availability of our recommended hardware as well. We see almost daily changes to the availability of certain models. Please talk to our team about your requirements. So far we have found a solution for every customer, even if it sometimes means that we'll need to switch to a different model or manufacturer than listed on this page.

POS / box office

Rent hardware from us

You can rent high-quality products from our hardware pool. Depending on availability, different models will be used. All devices are in very good condition and will be tested by us before every delivery. On request, we'll deliver the hardware as a pre-configured system.

Calculate price for

2 event days
Android tablet (e.g. Samsung Galaxy A series, Lenovo Tab M10 series, Wi-Fi connection)
Receipt printer (LAN or Bluetooth connection)
Ticket printer (LAN connection)
TSE (German fiscal device, microSD)
Router for LTE connection incl. 1 GB data (Germany only)

Android tablet for pretixPOS

Our cash register system builds around an Android-based tablet as the core component. The cheapest option is a typical consumer model by Samsung, perfect for occasional or mobile use. As a premium option we offer a high-quality enterprise model by HP, designed to be used in a point of sale environment and equipped with two displays: A small customer-facing one and a large tiltable one.

Budget Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus (2. Gen)

10.3" display, Camera, USB (Typ C), Bluetooth (BLE), Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), microSD-Slot, 1920x1200 pixels, Octa-Core, RAM: 2GB, Flash: 32GB, Android 10, 500mAh battery.
Only TSE-compatible for Germany with Android 10, do not update to Android 11

Usually ships within a day.

Tablet incl. charger € 215.00

Premium HP Engage One Prime Plus

14" display and 5.5" customer-facing display, Camera, USB (2x Type A und 2x Type C), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), 1920x1080 pixels, Snapdragon APQ8053, 2.2 GHz, RAM: 4GB, Flash: 32GB, Android 8.1 (no Google services).

Usually ships within two days.

3 years NBD Advanced Exchange/Service € 132.00
Tablet incl. power unit € 890.00

Receipt printer (recommended)

In Germany, it's obligatory to issue receipts since 2020. Even though it's possible to do so digitally with pretixPOS, we recommend purchase of a receipt printer in order to have reliable and fast processes. For stationary use, we recommend two well-known models by Epson (mostly differentiated by print speed). For mobile use, we offer a battery-powered mini printer with Bluetooth connection.

Budget Epson TM-m30II

Direct thermal printing, 8 pt/mm (203dpi), Media width (max): 58mm, 80mm, 250mm/s, USB, Ethernet, ESC/POS, ePOS, incl. power unit, power cable, paper width adapter

Bad delivery situation, current alternatives on request.

Printer (incl. Wi-Fi) € 335.00
Printer (incl. BT) € 299.00
Printer (LAN only) € 255.00

Premium Epson TM-T88VII

Direct thermal printing, 7 pt/mm (180dpi), Media width (max): 58mm, 80mm, Print width (max): 72mm, 500mm/s, USB, RS232, Ethernet, ESC/POS, ePOS, inkl. power unit, power cable, paper width adapter, Buzzer

Bad delivery situation, current alternatives on request.

Printer € 350.00

Mobile Bixolon SPP-R200IIIPLUS

Direct thermal printing, 8 pt/mm (203dpi), Media width (max): 58mm, Print width (max): 48mm, Role diameter (max): 40mm, 100mm/Sek., Bluetooth, BXL/POS, RAM: 64MB, Flash: 32MB, inkl. charger, belt clip, belt bag, 1200mAh battery

Usually ships within a day.

Printer € 255.00

Ticket printer (optional)

If you want to issue high-quality hardcopy tickets, you need a good ticket printer. This is not strictly required: if you need to save money, you can also print ticket codes on the receipt printer.

We only recomment ticket printers by Boca Systems. Boca is the world leader for thermal ticket printer since 1985 and in our experience their products surpass all others in quality and reliability. We recommend the classic "Boca Lemur" as well as their entry-level model for small to medium print volumes, Lemur-X. Many additional options (e.g. for building the printer into a desk) are available, just talk to us!

Budget Boca Lemur-X

Direct thermal printer with cutter, adjustable width 50-82mm, resolution 200 dpi, USB, Ethernet, incl. power unit

Base model usually ships within a day.

Base model € 895.00

Premium Boca Lemur

Direct thermal printer with cutter, print width 82mm, resolution 200 dpi, USB, Ethernet, incl. power unit

More options (300 dpi, Wi-Fi, 101mm print width, wristband printing) on request

Base model usually ships within a day.

Printer without cutter € 1 350.00
Printer with cutter € 1 650.00


Starting 2020-10-01, it is obligatory in Germany to use a "Technical Security Device" (TSE) in every cash register that is used to process cash or cash-like payments.

TSE (Germany)

Technical security device (TSE), microSD or USB, encryption: 384 bits, signature time: 250ms, lifetime: 20 mio. signatures, storage: 8 GB, certificate lifetime: approx. 5 years

Usually ships within a day.

TSE € 225.00

Cash drawer

Default model: cash drawer, front opening, dimensions (WxHxD): 410x114x415mm, insert: 6 note compartments, 8 coin compartments, 1 receipt compartment, direct printer connection, RJ12

Other models on request.

Usually ships within a day.

Metapace K1 stainless steel € 195.00
Metapace K1 white € 99.00
Metapace K1 glossy white € 99.00
Metapace K1 black € 119.00


Product Package size Price
Ticket paper white with neutral grey lines, 203x82mm 1000 pages € 60.00
Ticket paper pretix design, 203x82mm 1000 pages € 60.00
Ticket paper your own design and size 1000 pages on request
Receipt paper white, 80mm width 1 roll (50m) € 2.00
Receipt paper eco-friendly, grey, 80mm width 1 roll (80m) € 2.00
Receipt paper white, 57mm width 1 roll (8m) € 0.60


All prices sind are non-binding offers in addition to VAT (if applicable) and shipping cost.
We only rent and sell to business customers. Rentals subject to availability.





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